Kieron Turns Four!

Kieron is such an adorable, sensitive, emotional, mercurial little guy, and he always keeps us guessing. Will he eat dinner tonight? Will he talk at school today? Will we get Dr. Jekyl or Mr. Hyde? Any wrinkles or grey hairs, we attribute to Kieron so far. He can be incredibly sweet, but also quite sour. Usually cool, he gets fiery fast!

Kieron is a passionate fella. He pours himself into his interests. Passions include cooking/the kitchen, building/dirt/mud, and garbage trucks. Sometimes I imagine I am slowly being tortured with mundane questions about garbage/recycle/compost/trucks. Kind of reminds me of Bubba Gump and the shrimp.

One adorable thing about Kieron is his vocabulary. He memorizes books, and is really good with language. Some cute things he’s said recently include: “I have something important to say”, “I have a brilliant idea,” and “maybe this hike would have been better for you to do on your own.”

Kieron is big for his age, and strong too. At his well child visit, he was in the 91st percentile for height, and 86% for weight.

Potential future careers: English teacher, judge (can totally see him with a gavel), dictator, activist (can also see him chaining himself to a building or tree).

Happy birthday to our little sweetheart. We love you!

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