Kieron’s First Race

Kieron finished his first race in March, the local St. Patty’s Day 1k! (I guess technically, I finished my first too). After a long stretch of beautiful sunny days, we woke up to one very soggy, wet morning. Jonathan and I briefly questioned how badly we wanted to do this, but decided to follow through. As we waited for the whistle, Kieron was definitely showing signs of nervousness, so we started the race holding hands, basically with me towing him along. It helped that his friend, Louis, was also racing with his dad. It didn’t take long for Kieron to warm up (both literally and figuratively). Pretty soon he let go of my hand, and even passed some people. He was so proud when he finished, and seems to have caught the running bug! We’re currently training for the Cinco de Mayo Kids Mile.

IMG_6241 IMG_6244 IMG_6250 IMG_6253

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