Here’s a bit of what we were up to the rest of May.

There were a number of hikes and bike rides

Avery had an “acting” role in his Back to the 50’s school musical, as a mini Chuck Berry. He loved dancing around on with a real guitar on stage with his friends. Not the greatest picture, but he’s up there, third from the left.

Roasting s’mores
IMG_6092 IMG_6097 IMG_6105




Jonathan took the boys to Bellevue Park one weekend. They happened upon an event with Seahawks defensive lineman, Michael Bennett. (He’s the one who hopped on the police bike and rode it around the field after winning the playoff game that sent them to the Superbowl last year).

Pizza, anyone?

Caterpillar season!

Don’t laugh, this is genius! Silas loves the long bike rides, but sometimes the final push up the parkway is just too much. This solution makes everyone happy!

One of my favorite things to do with these little guys. It’s so fun when they all pitch in together.
IMG_6594 IMG_6596

Play date at the park with Bode

And here the are back at the house watching the garbage man (that’s Bode’s little bro, Deacon, on the left).

Silas is becoming quite the little (race car) driver. Sometimes he returns from the top of the cul de sac with this little cute, Nathalie!

This was a big day for the boys. Avery read in one of his Minecraft tutorial books that there is a way to play the game together from two devices. So he sat Jonathan down, showed him the instructions, and voila! Now he and Kieron can play together. They love it, and I think they would play forever if we let them.

The boys opened up their lemonade stand at the community garage sale. Despite the fact that they consumed much of their product, they made $17 in one afternoon! Each boy has their own talent. Avery is the business man. He manages the money and most of the pouring. Kieron is the salesman, and is a real go-getter. Silas is the entertainer, and uses his charm to attract customers. They make a good team!

Baking cinnamon rolls!

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