Farm School Grads!

At the beginning of June, we attended Kieron’s pre-k graduation ceremony and the farm school end-of-the-year carnival. There was cotton candy, popcorn, pony rides, hay rides, a bounce house, and of course the barnyard full of animals. It’s hard to believe Kieron will be a big kindergartner next year and Silas will be in his second year of preschool.


The teachers read a few lines about each of the pre-k grads. Here is they shared about Kieron: Wishes for a sleigh. Dreams about going to Hawaii. Wonders about building. Fears spiders. Likes pepperoni. Believes in the tooth fairy. Loves his Grammy. Plans to make an igloo. Wants to be a builder.

They also gave each graduate a hand trowel engraved with their name (you can see his in the teacher’s hand). Such a sweet graduation gift!


Watching his fellow classmates graduate

The wingman. Kieron was really nervous about walking up and standing in front of all the families, so Avery was there by his side for support.


And who is this?

Cotton candy monster

Sporting a goatee

With their buddy, Bode

Happy trails!

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