Kieron the Six Year Old!

Kieron turned six on May 5th. He sure has grown up a lot this year.  He is such a sweet sensitive, silly little boy, and has outgrown much of the stubbornness of his earlier years, although he still has lots of spirit. Kindergarten and getting glasses both did wonders for him. Kieron reads quite well for his age, and enjoys reading longer chapter books with us. His favorites include anything Roald Dahl and most recently, Hatchet. He also likes math, and especially science. He loves the outdoors, and is a real workhorse. Kieron is big and strong for a kid his age, and has even been boasting about his “big muscles” lately (not sure where that came from, but it’s cute). He is pretty quiet at school, but has made some good friends, and enjoys playing with Avery and the older boys when they’ll let him. Now that Silas is older and becoming more of a peer, the two (only 20 months apart) are forming a special bond, and Kieron is growing into his role as an older brother and mentor.

Some special things about Kieron: he loves slapstick humor as much as the next kid, but it’s his timing and dry sense of humor (well beyond his years) that really crack us up. He can be quite emotional and sensitive, and perceptive to the feelings of others, although he is working on translating this into words and actions. Kieron also has a strong sense of social justice, perhaps because he is the middle child. We’ve recently noticed him growing into the role of “peacekeeper”. In particular, when Avery and Silas are acting up, Kieron becomes incredibly cooperative and well-behaved.

Kieron would like to be a park ranger when he grows up, and we can totally see it. Between his love of the outdoors, strong work ethic, and solitary nature, this could be a real calling for him!

Here’s our sweet boy on his last night as a five-year-old

Birthday breakfast request: waffles!

Birthday morning



IMG_9504IMG_5643 IMG_5645

With his first Fender

IMG_9509IMG_5651 IMG_5654



Lemon cupcakes!IMG_5656 IMG_5657

This year Kieron decided he wanted to have a Minecraft themed party at our house. Thankfully, the weather was beautiful, so we were able to do the entire party in the backyard (always a plus with a group of excited little boys)! With the help of Pinterest, I devised some cheap & simple party decorations, we played a couple of games, served pizza, cupcakes, and Minecraft-themed hors d’oeuvres, and then let the kids play the rest of the time. That night Kieron said to me “Mommy, I had so much fun at my party today!” Those words made me so happy!




Everyone’s favorite game, Shoot the Creeper! Jonathan was such a sport!IMG_5676 IMG_5684 IMG_5692 IMG_5695 IMG_5697 IMG_5702

Brooklyn as a creeper

Kieron and his friend, Louis, running through the “Ender Portal”IMG_9539

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