End of June

My birthday was at the end of the month. I didn’t feel like doing a whole lot, other than sleeping, relaxing, and being with my family, which is what I got to do. Well actually, I didn’t get to sleep much, Layla had other plans. But it was a fun day nonetheless!

The boys all had camp that day, so Jonathan and I went out to lunch with Layla. She was very sweet and slept in her carseat the whole time, so it was more like a date!


It was sunny out, so we sat on the patio and I had a glass of wine. It was very pleasant!

The kiddos at bedtime

Another trip out. She looks so peaceful!

I was going through the work the kids brought home at the end of the school year and came across this keeper from Kieron. Get your minds out of the gutter! It clearly says “I went to Zeek’s Pizza”!

I also received this one I will hang on to from Avery. It was after an altercation in the playroom which resulted in the swift removal of ALL Legos for a period of time.

The boys playing out back and enjoying popsicles

They’re putting in a new Safeway, Bartell’s, and some other retail near us. Here’s Silas checking out the construction.

Jonathan has been taking the boys to the river to play while I recover and look after Layla. I’m looking forward to joining them there soon.


He’s been taking the boys paddle boarding at the lake.

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