Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy has been busy lately. And we should know, she’s been at our house a lot lately. On this particular night pictured below, Avery pulled out not one, but two of his molars!IMG_0599

Same pj’s another nightIMG_0700

For a few nights Avery worked on extracting Kieron’s very stubborn two front teeth. We were impressed at both how cooperative and trusting Kieron was, and how serious Avery was.
2016-08-03 21.47.29

Eventually Kieron’s stragglers, which had been hanging on for dear life, making him resemble an alpaca with snaggle teeth, FINALLY kicked the bucket. He lost his first front tooth one night, and the other the next. We were all relieved when they finally went. IMG_0758 IMG_0759

Ultimately Daddy wiggled them loose with a little iPhone distractionIMG_0763

Happy boy can bite again without wincing!IMG_0765

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