Here’s a little more of what we were up to in October. In the middle of the month Layla tried her first solid food, oatmeal. She’s mainly getting the gist of eating the food rather than spitting it out. She thought it was alright.
dsc02143 dsc02146 dsc02148 dsc02150 dsc02151

Practicing rolling overdsc02174 dsc02176

Game daydsc02180-edit dsc02183

Bathing beautyimg_1364 img_1366

Chillin’ with Daddyimg_1377

Avery went to a Star Wars event at the Museum of Flight with his friends, Hayden & Brooklynimg_1396


Shaggy, Layla & Averyimg_1399

Bath time with Silas. He was a good sport about being squished at the end of the tub.

Avery & Kieron enjoy helping get Layla into her pjs at nightimg_1440

Daddy was out of town for work when we took these photos to send himimg_1483 img_1493

Kieron the Tiger Scout (he’s on the left)

Silas riding through the fall leaves

Silas loves a chance to use Daddy’s tools and is quite a bit of help with the leaves

At their school playground

Knock knock knocking on Grammy’s door

Layla’s first time in a swing. Safe to say she loved it!img_1526

This picture makes me laugh. Silas is just like me when it comes to rides. He likes them nice and easy, nothing too thrilling. Actually, he might be even wimpier than I am. 😉 He asked for a push on this swing, but apparently it was to high for comfort!

Four little Kings on swingsimg_1536

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