Here’s what we were up to in December when we weren’t in Hawaii or celebrating Christmas:

Riding around with Ethan

Catching snowflakes

Baking cookies, of course!

Snacking on puffs

Avery & Hamza, twinsies!

Taking care of Daddy after he had his wisdom teeth removed

Singing in the Christmas concert

“I love Mommy’s new necklace!”

My Naked Chef (yes, he was wearing underwear)

He got dressed before we frosted the cookies


With Jen (she comes once or twice a year from Singapore). I’m glad they’re having so much fun over there, but I miss her. So thankful for our visits!

Layla & Elina

Avery & Bjorn

Avery and his 3D Big Ben puzzle. It was HARD to put together, but he persevered!

Andrew and Nicole stayed with us for a few days. Here are the kids at the school playground.

Playing Ticket to Ride with Nicole. She now identifies as an adult, not one of the kids anymore. This makes me happy and sad. They grow up so fast!

Nicole & Kieron reading a cookbook together! They were so into it!

Jonathan took Kieron and Silas to Nana’s for a few days. They spent a bit of time splitting this pile of wood and stacking it!

Cheap labor. Kieron fell asleep on the ride home with his $5 bill in his hand!

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