Layla – 8 Months Old

Little Layla turned eight months old this month. She is growing and changing so fast! She now has six teeth (3 on top, 3 on bottom), crawls in circles (no forward motion yet), rocks on her hands and knees, and likes to stand and hold onto the couch. She loves being the center of attention and enjoys shouting at her brothers and getting them to respond. They recently taught her to roar at them, so we often now haveĀ roaring matches in the family room. She says ma ma, da, ba (bath), hi/hey, and babbles a lot. Layla also loves to wave, clap and dance.


Checking out Mommy’s baby blanket.

Daddy walked into the room. Here is her reaction:

“Mmmmm, this sticker is nice to chew on.”

With Auntie Ashleigh during a visit

Here are a few shots we took while we were in Salt Lake City with out little lady.

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