February 2017

Here’s what we were up to the rest of February. Auntie Ashleigh came for a visit at the beginning of the month. The kids loved seeing her!

Kieron and his buddy Louis

In the tree fort at Swenson Park

A little pre-bedtime madness for Daddy

Avery loves his lil sis

One day Layla was screaming during her nap. I came in and found her like this. Poor thing, but it was kind of cute!

The King and the Maresca boys out for a bike ride. And look! Blue sky!

Kieron at his basketball game

High-fiving his coaches after a fun season

A quiet moment before dinner. It’s like this at our house all the time 😉

Science with Kieron

Silas tried karate with Kieron in February. He was excited to participate with his big brother, but after a month he decided it wasn’t for him just yet.

Kieron has some powerful kicks and punches!

Avery likes to help feed Layla

She likes it too!

“Mmmm, this hat tastes good!”

Silas’ last night as a four-year-old

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