Here is some more of what we were up to in June. We had a number of visits to Bellingham before we closed on our house there. Here we are at Boundary Bay for lunch.

Avery finished up his spring basketball season

A little wrestling match

Funny story about these little bunnies. I was in the family room with our housekeeper, Yelena, when all of a sudden we saw the bushes in the backyard move. All of a sudden two little bunnies come darting out (clearly running from whatever was in the bushes, I’m guessing either a large cat or a bobcat). They leap off our retaining wall into the grass! Much to my surprise, Yelena runs to the back door, slides it open, and scoops up the startled bunnies. She then brings them INTO the house and asks for a box. She’s been wanting some bunnies to keep for pets because her cat recently gave birth to kittens, which she gave away, and her young son is heartbroken. She assures me she has cared for wild bunnies before, knows just what to do, and so I get her a box. Fast forward a month and they are doing well, live in a pretty fancy bunny house, and if you ask me, are pretty lucky little guys, considering they were almost someone’s lunch!

Layla going after the Nutella

On a hike

Avery & Hayden were science fair partners

For their project they wanted to see how balloons reacted when they were heated (in a hot car) or cooled (in the freezer).

Wii with Daddy

Layla inspects a frog

Sleeping baby photo!

Making music together. Boy, Silas needs a haircut!

Checking out the gutters

Making more music

In this pic Layla is dancing to The Beatles

Avery killing it in parkour!

Kieron with his 1st grade teacher, Ms. Tatum, the last week of school

This girl loves the water!

Playing at the park

Last day of 1st & 4th grade for these boys! I’m going to miss Hamza!

Layla loved rolling around on the shag rug after I sold the dining table

I was surprised when Kieron asked to do horse camp this summer. Dogs make him pretty nervous, but he insisted he wanted to learn to ride. So we gave it a try, and he LOVED it!

Here he is with his horse for the week – Pie.

With my Dad on one of his visits

Love this romper on Layla. Aunt Joyce had the best taste in clothes and always picked out cute outfits for the kids.

Another day, another park. Layla discovered slides.

Avery making eggs for my 16th birthday

Last day of Camp Invention. Kieron said it was bright out.

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