Layla Turns One!

Our baby girl celebrated her first trip around the sun on June 10th. At one, Layla is very sweet, affectionate, easy-going, and social. She loves music, dancing, babies, animals, and her family.

After raising three boys, it’s so interesting to see how Layla is different from her brothers. For starters, she has a much higher pitched voice, is more emotional, and watches facial expressions/lips moving, people, and animals more. She is less interested in blocks and things with wheels, although she does like balls as much, if not more, than her brothers did.

Layla is such a joy. She has been an easy baby (thank goodness). She eats and sleeps well, and when she’s awake she is cheerful and pretty mild-mannered. She smiles often and likes meeting new people. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings. Layla Blythe, we love you! Happy Birthday!

Did I already mention that she loves music?


Time for the cake smash. She wasn’t that into having frosting between her fingers!

One-year photo shoot. You’ll notice she was really working the over-the-shoulder look.

The following day we celebrated Layla’s birthday with family and friends.

She really took to Ethan!

“This cake is better than yesterday’s.”

In her new kitchen

With Clare

With Uncle Brian

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