Visits with Friends

One of the (many) things I love about summer is it’s when we often catch up with friends we haven’t seen in a while. We had a few visits from good out-of-town friends in July. The Smiths visited all the way from Singapore.

Avery & Bjorn

BFF’s since middle school. I still remember watching X-files with this lady and drooling over David Duchovny!

Oliver & Jonathan. It’s so much fun when the hubbies hit it off too!


Silas & Elina

Later in the month Jacqui and Hayden came up to see us. They were neighbors in Snoqualmie, and we met because of Avery & Hayden, but we became fast friends.

“We’re ready to go to the lake!”

Here’s our entourage making the trek down to the water with a few toys.

Bathing beauty wearing her pink flamingo bathing suit in her pink flamingo floaty

“Do you like my unicorn?”

Nerf battle in the field

Avery & Hayden

The four boys gaming together

At Boomer’s Burgers

At Boulevard Park

Crab hunting

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