Layla Turns Two

Layla turned two on June 10th. There was so much anticipation leading up to her birth, it’s hard to believe she’s not a baby anymore, but becoming a little girl. At two she is so sweet and easy-going, but I can see she’s starting to flex her muscles and show her independence already. She adores her brothers, and loves holding everyone’s attention.

Layla loves babies and animals… especially baby animals. She enjoys listening to nursery rhymes, dancing, tumbling, and doing yoga with me. She also enjoys playing Duplo (or Legos when she can get her hands on them), running, sliding, climbing, swinging, swimming and kayaking. She prefers drawing with a pen rather than with a marker or crayon — too babyish, I guess.

After raising three boys, I am constantly surprised by how closely Layla watches and imitates me. She notices and does things her brothers never have — like wiping up the floor when she spills something, washing her hands without being asked, or looking after her dolls and stuffed animals. And on the flip side, she’s not that interested in stacking blocks or playing with cars (although she does like boats).

We celebrated Layla’s birthday with a small party with friends and family. No special theme, just lots of pink! Happy birthday, Layla Blythe! We love you!




With Kampbell & Knox

That’s Addie on the left

Me, Carolyn, Grammy, & Caroline

Ethan & Silas

Shortly after Layla was born, I met Laura, whose Daughter, Georgia, became a playmate. Laura also has two older boys about Kieron & Silas’ ages. We instantly hit it off. When we moved last summer, she brought me this box, to open one year later! Of course I was tempted to open it a number of times over the past year, but I made it. In fact, I forgot about it on Layla’s birthday, and remembered a few days later…

This is such a cool idea! It was so much fun wondering what was in the box!

This is what it was!

Ruffles and pearls!

Miss thang, acting like a boss!

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