Here’s what our family was up to in August. A walk on the North Lake Whatcom Trail.

The waterfall dried up, so we were able to climb up it. The boys loved it!

Playing chess downtown

This cradle once belonged to my childhood best friend, Aron, who passed away a few years ago. She was a few years older than me, so when she outgrew it, her mom passed it on to me. It’s been refurbished since then, but still always reminds me of her. I love seeing Layla play with it.

Layla playing Legos. Her brothers built her this home for her Lego animals. It’s so cute to see how she plays with the Legos differently. She definitely cares more about the people and animals than she does about he engineering!

Kennedy, Kambell, & Layla

Layla and Silas, watching Avery at sailing camp.

Layla & Clare, a tea party

Silas & Ethan, with trucks

Sprinkler fun!

Movie night at Caroline & Chad’s — The Greatest Showman

Walking to Swenson Park with the Maresca boys.

Ben & Layla

Silas was invited to a birthday party for a girl in his class

End of summer BBQ with the neighbors

Worst snow cone machine ever

At the pet shop

Target run

Our friends, Laura & Georgia, visited from Snoqualmie

I discovered a lizard on our living room floor. He ran under the couch…

…never to be seen again!

Floating the Bismarck

Feisty girl playing dress-up

Zonked out

The boys playing Dungeons & Dragons

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