We welcomed a new member to the family at the end of the month. It all started when I found kittens for Grammy and Papa in the spring. Well, really, before that — I grew up with cats and always wanted to have one again. And with Layla turning two, we were now out of baby territory and ready for someone or something to cuddle with. Somewhere along the line I mentioned to the breeder that we may be interested in kittens in the future, and she told me she had another litter (from a different mother) due in July, and they would be ready for adoption at the end of summer. So we kept in touch and I pursued the subject with the lone holdout, Jonathan. (He says he’s not a cat guy, but I saw him with my cats when we were dating, and he sure seemed to like them.)

I don’t know how, but somehow Jonathan agreed to adopt a kitten! The timing couldn’t have been better, with school starting the following week so the kids wouldn’t be all over him at all hours.

So between the Smashing Pumpkin concert and Jonathan’s 20 year reunion, we met the breeder at the North Bend Outlet Mall and picked up our new fur baby, Yoshi. He’s about 2 lbs of furry, cuddly cuteness!

So far it’s turned out to be such a positive thing for the kids already! Kieron and Avery are splitting feeding responsibilities, and Silas vacuums around the litter box daily. They are all learning how to hold, care for, and play with the little guy.

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