Two weeks went by with Yoshi at the house. He was sweet. He was adorable. And he was lonely. In fact, don’t tell him this, but he was a little annoying. Siamese are extremely social cats, and he required a lot of attention. He was constantly underfoot, and often wandered around the house meowing, as if he was calling out for another cat. Apparently Jonathan noticed it too, because somehow Jonathan decided to let me adopt Yoshi’s sister!

We decided to surprise the kids. So one morning Layla and I drove back down to the North Bend outlet mall to meet the breeder and bring little sister home! When we returned, Jonathan had a movie on the for the boys downstairs so we could get Yoshi & Suki reacquainted before the big reveal. Yoshi was shocked (if a cat can look shocked) and very curious. I swear I could see him smiling and bursting with joy! Once the two got somewhat used to each other we called the boys up and casually let them discover that there were two, not one kitten running around the family room. It actually took a few minutes because Suki kept hiding, but eventually Kieron spotted her and immediately knew what was going on. Needless to say, happy kids all around.

Now Yoshi doesn’t wander around meowing anymore. And despite the fact that it’s twice the food & litter to take care of, we can easily say two cats are easier than one. They keep each other company when we are not around or available to play, and they also tire each other out. Yoshi does like to let Suki know he was here first, but overall they are good little buddies and never far apart.

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