Newport Harbor Yacht Club

One particularly fun afternoon we took a Shields out for a day sail to the Yacht Club. This boat was reminiscent to Synnove 3, the boat we sailed in the harbor with my grandfather years ago. The kids were terrified by how much it heeled, but I know at least Jonathan, Uncle Brad, Aunt Julie, myself (and I think Uncle Brian) were having an absolute blast!

It was a lot of fun to see the recently rebuilt Newport Harbor Yacht Club. The last time we visited it was under massive construction and the club was basically on the beach and a very large boat. Uncle Brad previously served as Commodore of the club (just as my Grandfather predicted decades ago) and was on the heritage committee, involved in preserving the history of the club in the rebuild. It was neat to see all the small touches made to make the new club feel traditional and historic yet fresh and modernized.

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