Kieron Turns Nine

Cinco de Mayo marked Kieron’s 9th birthday. What can I say about this kid?! Kieron is such a sweetie pie. Such a puzzle, but so sweet. He worships his big brother, is a little annoyed, but learning to appreciate his younger brother, and adores his little sister. He wants to please his parents and needs a couple good friends, but not many.

Kieron wants to be a chef or restauranteur when he grows up. Or maybe a cowboy. He recently decided he’s mastered parkour and riding horses is actually his thing. A man of few words, he loves books. Kieron is the type of guy who reads half-a-dozen books simultaneously. He gave up guitar for piano this year and I can already tell it’s a good thing.

One thing I’ve definitely figured out about Kieron this year is that his love language is acts of service. He take so much pride doing things to show his affection for others. Whether it’s cooking a meal (I’ll admit, he makes me breakfast almost every morning!) emptying the dishwasher, or watching/reading with Layla, he shows his love through his good deeds. When his bucket is full there is nothing he wouldn’t do for those he loves.

For his birthday Kieron wanted to go to Flying Circus with his brothers and closest buddies. Having recently had ankle surgery, I was in no condition to go, so Jonathan stepped up and drove a van full of excited boys there to bounce off the walls. Then we had pizza, cake and a sleepover at our place.

Happy birthday, Kieron Scott. Te queremos tanto!

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