Theatre Date

My friend, Emily, and I have talked about taking our sons on a double date for quite a while. We decided to take them to see Million Dollar Quartet at the Issaquah Village Theatre. It’s a musical about Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, & Carl Perkins. (We had no idea who Carl Perkins was, but we learned he was quite big back in his day, and it was he who wrote and originally performed Blue Suede Shoes – it is not Elvis’ song!) Anyway, we had great seats in the 4th row, right behind the piano on stage, so we had a great view of Jerry Lee Lewis’ insane piano playing! The guy playing him was seriously impressive!

The boys had a fun time. We parked a little ways away and got tea and ice cream cones before walking to the show. I’m sure Emily and I enjoyed it more than they did, but it was a memorable introduction to musicals for them!

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