Below is some of what we’ve been up to in the first couple weeks of homeschool:

1st Day of Homeschool with Mrs. King!

This pic is from our planning meeting the Friday prior. The kids were all involved in making the schedule.

Handwriting practice

P.E. with Avery

Our pantry door/command center

Spelling practice

Language Arts

Lexia or Typing

Apparently leprechauns don’t have to social distance. Here’s the kids making traps.

Omg, they came!

And they got away! But they left candy.

Zoom piano lessons

More P.E. with Avery


Math – the old school way

Yep, this is me. I really wanted to be into Common Core, but after eight years of it, I still don’t see how it’s better than the way we learned.

Art with Mo Willems

Silas has been a huge help with Avery in his Digital Media class.

Zoom circle time. That’s Layla’s good buddy, Angelo, on the screen

She was tickled seeing all her classmates!

I needed some surprises up my sleeve to entertain Layla while I spent so much time with her brothers. She got a few Disney Princes and Princesses from an older friend.

I did some book swapping with mom friends since the library was closed.

Yoga practice

Got out the old bin of Beanie Babies for some entertainment

Layla’s Play and Learn kit from her preschool

Circle time with Ms. Claire

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