Wow, March was a crazy month. I had every intention of journaling the events but with school closed I found myself so busy there was just no time. The first week in March things started getting more real, and it felt like events snowballed each day. I asked Layla’s preschool teacher about their plans going forward, but it still felt like we were all playing it literally day-by-day. Jonathan had a work trip to Salt Lake City Monday through Thursday the second week and we questioned whether he should go or not. We decided he would still go, knowing this would be his last time traveling for a while. We talked about ways he could fly more safely.

I can’t remember exactly how things played that week, but on Thursday, March 12, our district announced around lunchtime that school was closing effective immediately. The kids would ride the bus home and beginning Friday, the 13th there would be no school. I decided to drive to a friends house in our old neighborhood and walk to pick up the boys from elementary school, knowing this would be our last chance to see many of our friends and teachers. On the way home I stopped at Safeway to “pick up a few things.” Apparently the rest of our town had the same plan. I had to wait through a traffic light to even get into the parking lot where I managed to find a spot way in the back. I left Kieron and Layla in the car and took Silas in with me. We got one of the last carts. Inside I ran into a dozen neighbors. I started to feel like perhaps I should get more than a few things (no, I did not buy TP). I quickly filled the cart, navigating through crowded aisles. It was really eery.

Jonathan was still gone, arriving back late that night. I could hardly wait for him to get home. It seemed like the world had changed overnight. Over the course of the week Avery’s basketball season had come to an early end and Boy Scout meetings were cancelled. Kieron and Silas’ baseball practices were cancelled, as was Layla’s dance. Piano went on hold until further notice.

I decided to give the kids Friday off school and take a long weekend to prepare for homeschooling. Monday we would hit the ground running. I turned to my community of moms here and we all put our heads together and shared resources and plans. Layla’s preschool quickly put together weekly “play and learn” kits for us to pick up on Mondays and return on Fridays for sanitation and rotation. They organized short morning Zoom circle times for their normal school days. I came up with an impromptu school schedule for the boys. The district told us they would be in touch in a week a virtual learning plan. School has, and will continue to evolve over the weeks and months, but for now we are hanging in there and taking it a day at a time. Some days are better than others, but we remind ourselves how fortunate we are and try to give each other grace.

Playgrounds closed

Not even basketball (we solved that problem and found a free hoop on Facebook Marketplace!)

Puzzles and wine with my bestie before things really shut down – good for the soul

Put this together at home

Daddy does the supply runs to Costco

Daily family walks

On my shopping trip at Safeway mentioned above, I remembered Silas had been dying to use the indoor s’more maker he received for his birthday.

A girl and her dog on the Silent Creek trail

Watching Les Mis with the big boys. “See how much worse things could be?!”

I used extra gravel from the other side of our house to create a dog run here one weekend. No more muddy paws for our pooch!

We planted petunias in Layla’s flower box

This little girl got spayed just in time! She was pretty sad that evening but fine the following day.

We all felt pretty sorry for her, as you can see.

Silas built a Lego crane using a motor.

My friend’s vet office was broken into. They stole all the drugs.

Chatting with Clare online. It’s all about the filters, as you can see!

We watched all the seasons of Stranger Things with the boys. Well, we watched the first one with them and then bowed out and they binge-watched the rest.

Drove around Seattle one afternoon. Downtown was a ghost town!


Another day, another puzzle.

Costco in Issaquah

Don’t worry, no fever! This guy wasn’t feeling well one day, but all was well.

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