Silas Turns Eight!

Silas turned eight on March 1st. He’s lucky because his party happened right before our lives all got turned upside down by coronavirus. We celebrated with a Minecraft themed party at the house with about a dozen of his nearest and dearest.

At eight, Silas is such a fun kid. He is sweet, sensitive, inquisitive, smiley, and oh-so-creative. No one loves a project like this kid! Whether he’s building Lego’s, painting, sewing, or drawing, Silas loves to pour himself into projects. We can definitely see him becoming an architect, engineer or graphic designer one day.

Silas really wears his heart on his sleeve. If he’s happy, you know it, if he’s surprised, you know it, and if he’s upset or angry he lets you know! He’s still as cheerful and optimistic as he ever was, but now that he’s older he has some pretty strong feelings that well up which he is learning to manage (it probably doesn’t help that his two older brothers sometimes make fun of him or leave him out).

He is incredibly sweet with Layla and it’s fun to see their relationship evolve as she becomes more of a peer. When three is a crowd with the boys Silas is often content to play make believe or outdoors with Layla. They are becoming good little buddies!

Happy birthday, Silas Tristan, may you always be our Sunny  Si. We love you!

First sleepover in the books! With Mason.

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