April in Quarantine

Here are (quite) a few pics from April. We started the month off with an indoor scavenger hunt through Compass Outdoor Adventures, located in North Bend. It was fun, but unfortunately they were bombarded with participants which really slowed down phones so we dropped out after about 45 minutes. Here’s the selfie we had to take at the beginning:

We had to take a picture of a family member in a hiding spot

This was reenacting a famous scene, the three monkeys

Avery drew a picture of somewhere he wants to go

Avery’s birthday present from Nana arrived in the mail

A new, big boy suitcase!

Phoebe took the box

Then she was joined by roommates

He approves!

Making a house

I was tucking Layla in one night when Yoshi appeared to be in trouble

He managed to do this!

Another day, another puzzle

Hiking the Deep Creek Trail

You can see Snoqualmie Falls from here

Getting my hair did

Setting up an epic battle

Chalk art

The School District decided to do a boundary change in the midst of a pandemic. It was pretty upsetting.

It’s 60! Get the pool out!

Playing soccer with the dog

Drive-by visit from Clare and Caroline

Love this girl!

This face!

Social distance play date

When the golf course is closed they open the paths to walkers and bikers!

Avery created a Lego version of the Fortnite world

Quarantine find!

We got tagged by Ethan and Clare!

Another walk on the golf course. The girls were expert social distancers

Learning to ride!

Quarantine is a great time to finally break out the old Barbie Dreamhouse

My puzzler

Home project: pantry shelves!


Back yard progress

On the golf course again. The house to the left is being rebuilt after burning down TWICE!

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