Easter in Quarantine

Easter was more subdued this year than in years past, but it turns out the Easter Bunny does not have to social distance, so it was largely the same (minus the neighborhood egg hunt). We were happy to have sunshine and be together.

Layla, sporting one of my old dresses.

Eggs a ‘la goldenrod for breakfast

And Easter buns

Opening Easter baskets from Nana

We spied the Easter Bunny on our walk/bike ride around the neighborhood

When we got home we found he had visited us while we were away

Training Phoebe

A memorable thing happened Easter evening. Phoebe came around the corner of our yard with a dead bird in her mouth. We got it away from her and Jonathan got a shovel to launch it into the woods…

Buuuut the bird got stuck in a tree just beyond the fence! (You can sort of make him out in the picture a little bit above Layla’s head.) He stayed there for two days! We could even see him from our dinner table. We named him Bernie and the kids watched “Weekend at Bernies” that night.

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