Lake Washington

One day in July we decided to launch the boat from Mercer Island and head through Lake Washington, Lake Union, and the Ballard Locks out into Shilshole Bay Marina. We stalked a few celebrities (we’re looking at you, Rihanna and Russell Wilson and Bill and Melinda Gates), swam at Hunt’s Point, showed the kids where Daddy used to row and gawked at all the beautiful houses, luxurious boats and charming house boats. Going through the locks for the first time was a bit stressful and exciting, but we managed just fine. On the way back with tied up at Ivars and had a delicious boat-up seafood dinner. We spent the entire day on the water, making it home just before dark. A perfect summer day adventure!

“Hey Russell! Russell?”

Due to social distancing our family does not fit at one table in a restaurant. This means Jonathan and I are “forced” to sit alone and put our kids at a separate table.

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