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Bellingham Escape – Fourth of July

We rented our old neighbor’s VRBO in Bellingham for a week over July Fourth. We took a ton of pictures so I’m splitting this into two posts. Here are the pictures that take place on land:

The day we arrived one of our old neighbors from up the hill went to the ICU with Covid. He spent a week there before returning home to his family. He’s a healthy, fit guy and his sons went to school with our kids. Scary stuff.

Lots of frisbee on the lawn

Date night at The Fork

On the North Lake Whatcom Trail


La Fiamma pizza at the park

Showed the kids where I used to do my laundry in college. Hasn’t changed.

At red square

Dinner with friends, Amy & Jeni

At Boundary Bay

Back at The Fork with the kids

OMG, the shrimp and grits!

The boys geeking out at the D&D store

Layla and Willow

Eating dinner at the Viking Union. It was raining and we needed somewhere outdoor and covered

My old apartment

Mary & Silas with her guardians. She signed them for the kids.

Our old place all landscaped

Porter’s treehouse

At Mallard Ice Cream

Stocking up on necessities – TP & muffins

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