Roche Harbor Anniversary Trip

We made our 17th anniversary a memorable one by taking the kids on a 70 mile boat ride through the San Juans. We went to Roche Harbor, on San Juan Island, for lunch and to tour the area. I used to sail there with my family as a teenager, and Jonathan and I took a ferry there on a number of occasions during college and when we were newly married, but I think it must have been about 15 years since we were last there.  Then on our way back we stopped at Sucia to collect driftwood and explore before heading back to Bellingham Bay. The weather and water couldn’t have been more perfect and we had an amazing time!

Here’s our family posing at the Mausoleum. When we walked up to it we said, “Oh look, there are six seats!” Then as we were reading the names we realized the father’s name was John and they also had three sons and a daughter, each of whom’s name was engraved at their seat where their ashes were. So we took our places around the seats and snapped a picture. Avery told us he was certain we were cursed, and once you hear about the rest of our weekend, maybe you’ll wonder if perhaps we were!

Leaving Bellingham

We had the necessities on board.

At the Hotel De Haro restaurant, seated in nearly the same spot we sat at twenty years earlier.

The Mausoleum. I love this spot and all the thought that was put into it.

Checking out Teddy Roosevelt’s signature in the hotel guestbook. He was good friends with John S. McMillan, of the Mausoleum.

Then and now

Avery, in front of  Our Lady of Good Voyage Chapel

Headed back

A brief stop at Sucia

17th anniversary gift is supposed to be furniture. Perhaps this driftwood can serve as a bench in the yard?

Hello Bellingham!

A stop at Mallard Ice Cream was in order

We had so much fun that day that we pushed getting home as far out as we could. We left Bellingham around 9 PM. When we reached Issaquah at close to 11 PM our boat trailer got a flat tire! Fortunately we were able to limp off the freeway to a tire store less than a mile away. We left the boat there for the night and called in the morning to have it repaired. More about that later! We were all home and in bed by midnight, completely tuckered out!

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