Here’s what we were up to in September:

Phoebe Roomba turned 1 on the 24th

Avery went to his friend, Sebastian’s, 14th birthday party. They had fun Go Karting and eating pizza.

Kieron at school

My genius plan to keep all the devices and cords separate. No two boys have the same kind of device and none of the cords are compatible!

We put Avery to work staining the fence. He did quite a few panels and earned $40.

Phoebe, trying to earn the respect of the kitties.

My personal chef – he’s getting quite talented!

Layla had a few playdates. Here she is with Britton.

And Maggie

And Clare

Another day, another puzzle.

Mini puzzler

Jonathan loves Phoebe kisses!

At Clare’s birthday party

Science project

Socially distanced Boy Scout meeting

Waiting for Kieron at his riding lessons

Silas’ Cub Scout troop went on a 20 mile (downhill) bike ride on the Snoqualmie Trail.

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