Here’s what we were up to in July:

Silas helped Jonathan with some boat repairs for Everlong

Our neighbor’s Frenchie had puppies!

Kieron pet sat our neighbor’s adorable kitty, Mr. Purrington

Caroline and I went to see Beni at Infusion. He’s a local who won a big singing competition. He’s only a teenager and is very sweet and humble.

Look what Layla did to her doll!

Despite a lot of work and googling, Mommy couldn’t make it better

Turns out, for $40, you can send your doll to the American Girl hospital, so away she went. There were tears!

Checkups for Silas and Kieron at the cardiologist

Pool days

Sticker fun

Sleeping Beauty (or as she used to call it, Sleeping Cutie)

A visit from Andrew!

Took this pup for a lot of walks

Blueberry season!

Layla had an unfortunate accident at her friend’s birthday party. Her tooth collided with Clare’s head and was knocked in/back pretty bad. I rushed her home, called an emergency dentist, and had Daddy inspect it.

Next thing we knew, we were in Bellevue having the tooth pulled

Layla was very brave and even went back to the party after all the fuss

Back with the birthday girl, Maggie

Silas finished up his summer hockey session

Clare and Layla watched from above

We got coordinating hats

Avery, with his new desk setup

Dr. Avery, trying to pull the tooth next to the one that was knocked out. It was very loose and fell out not much later

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