Here’s the rest of what we were up to in August!

Silas tried some more hockey

Mom against kid laser tag battle

Just Dance!

Playing with friends at Rattlesnake Lake

A visit with Grammy and Papa

Another tooth bites the dust!

Celebrating my friend, Jessica’s birthday in Bellevue

Kieron was hired to make a cake for Ethan’s birthday

Phoebe, hunting a spider

Barbie time

Layla did a musical theatre camp

Science is awesome!

Keeping in touch with Louis

At Ethan’s birthday party

Layla’s doll came back from the doctor all fixed up!

This paraglider landed on the field during Avery’s cross country practice

Lego City

This bloody footprint is after one of Avery’s runs!

Fall soccer for Layla

Counting coins

Look who’s shaving now!

Time for a trim!

So sweet when Avery tucks Layla in

Naughty Frenchie!

Storytime with Grammy

A visit with Grammy and Papa

Having fun with the leaf blower

Chef Kieron

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