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December is always a busy month. Here’s what we were up to when we weren’t doing the typical holiday things:

AFV (America’s Funniest Home Videos) is a favorite at our house. Everyone likes it!

Jonathan got himself an early Christmas present – a new Subaru Outback! Okay, technically, it was a long-overdue purchase for BOTH of us. The station wagon is our “cool” car. It really freaks me out thinking this will likely be the first car Avery learns to drive!

A cool panorama of the lake and our beach.

Silas loves apples

Our cute boys being silly in the kitchen


Layla watching Cinderella.

Caught her red handed!

Daddy borrowing Layla’s accessories

Silas at school

With his 4th grade reading buddy, Hunter

Putting up Christmas lights is a snap at this house!

The living room all decorated

Snuggling with the babies

Decorating our gingerbread house. Thank you, Costco, for selling these pre-assembled so we can get straight to the fun part!

Loving on her biggest bro

Nothing like a little Christmas Star Wars puzzle to get the season going.

Silas discovered YouTube drawing tutorials. Give this kid some markers, a stack of paper, and a laptop, and you won’t hear from him all day. I literally had to make him step away just to eat a little lunch. There is something so rewarding about seeing your child in a flow, doing something they love so much they can’t pull themselves away. The intensity of this five-year-old is pretty impressive, and makes me so proud!

Pulling Buzzy-Bee down the hall

“Let’s get Daddy!”

Kieron & Silas checking out my old place of employment, Hollister.

Making cinnamon tortillas with Grammy

Chex mix for the neighbors

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We had a pretty quiet Thanksgiving this year. The Avery’s of Pullman were in Laos, and The Kings of Vancouver & Oakland had other plans as well, so it was just Grammy & Papa, and us.

There was a lot of ping pong

And some foosball

Papa and Silas shot some hoops downstairs

We put a puzzle together

And when we got a chance, we took some walks

Silas, ready to bake cookies!

I can’t remember why she was crying, but she looks cute

On a happier day, with her baby

I think they were watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade

Laughing about something with Grammy

We took Avery & Silas to The Nutcracker the day after Thanksgiving. (I originally thought we’d take Avery & Kieron, but he didn’t want to go, and Silas did, so it all worked out). Unfortunately, we got tickets to the wrong performance, which was more of a hip-hop interpretation. Don’t think we’ll see that one next year, but we had fun anyway. Here we are at The Local prior to the performance.

Playing piano with Papa

I hosted a OneHope wine party for some friends on Saturday. Here’s Grammy and me toasting my launch.

Meanwhile, Daddy & Papa took the kids to the Whatcom Museum. Here is a logging exhibit they liked

They also enjoyed looking at all the stuffed birds

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Goodbye Leitz St.

After going back and forth over whether to rent or sell our house in Snoqualmie, we decided to sell. The new owners moved in in October. Here are a few pics from our final goodbye.

Layla taking one last look out her window.

Avery in his room for the last time.

One last peek at the playroom

Kieron with his good buddy, Louis

Ben & Layla

Layla and I stayed with Caroline that weekend

Visiting Rooster Valley Farm School. They got two new sheep!

Mommy selfie

I think this was on the drive down

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Visit from the Lotts

The Lotts came to visit again in September. Poor Avery and Hayden really miss each other (okay, so do Jacqui and I), and so we’ve made extra effort to get together when we can.

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Visits with Friends

One of the (many) things I love about summer is it’s when we often catch up with friends we haven’t seen in a while. We had a few visits from good out-of-town friends in July. The Smiths visited all the way from Singapore.

Avery & Bjorn

BFF’s since middle school. I still remember watching X-files with this lady and drooling over David Duchovny!

Oliver & Jonathan. It’s so much fun when the hubbies hit it off too!


Silas & Elina

Later in the month Jacqui and Hayden came up to see us. They were neighbors in Snoqualmie, and we met because of Avery & Hayden, but we became fast friends.

“We’re ready to go to the lake!”

Here’s our entourage making the trek down to the water with a few toys.

Bathing beauty wearing her pink flamingo bathing suit in her pink flamingo floaty

“Do you like my unicorn?”

Nerf battle in the field

Avery & Hayden

The four boys gaming together

At Boomer’s Burgers

At Boulevard Park

Crab hunting

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