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Christmas Cookies

Avery and I made Christmas cookies together this year. I made the dough the night before, and during Kieron’s a.m. nap we rolled the dough, cut out shapes, and baked the cookies. Then during his p.m. nap, Avery and I decorated them. I have a tendency to be a little OCD, so this process took some letting go on my part. Avery wanted to do much of the rolling and cutting, and if I’d let him, he would have eaten enough dough and frosting to give him a killer stomach ache. He also thought it was acceptable to lick the spatula and then put it back in the frosting. It ended up being quite an endeavor with a 3 1/2 year old, but we had so much fun together and it was worth the trouble.

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Sausage Festival

The weekend after Labor Day, Vancouver hosts the annual Sausage Festival and Omelet Party. Avery really enjoyed the carnival rides this year. He spent the two weeks preceding chattering about “getting the tickets.” To make it even better Old Nana is visiting from New Zealand and Auntie Ashleigh came out from New York.
cracking 9 dozen eggs

devouring a sausage

his favorite ride

at the beer garden

the legendary omelet party

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Blueberry Picking

On Sunday we went to a u-pick blueberry farm in North Bend. It had to be one of the funnest outings we’ve ever had with Avery. We gave Avery a bucket and showed him where the blueberries were. He started plucking them off and eating them, and then he’d put a few in the bucket, and then he’d eat the ones in the bucket. I don’t think his bucket ever had more than a few berries in it at a time. Luckily Mommy and I made up for Avery’s snacking and we managed to collect about three pounds. I think we might go back next weekend for more.

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Thanksgiving in Texas

We celebrated Thanksgiving in Texas with Lindsey’s parents. At the table we each said something we were thankful for. Aside from all the regular things like health and family, we all gave thanks for Obama’s victory. Whoo hoo!

Avery’s favorite dish: cranberry relish

Lindsey’s first pie. Turns out she can bake too.

Avery and cousin Will play a duet.

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Cone #1 Mint Oreo

I’m up in Bellingham at the moment for my work. Lindsey and Avery came along with and are out and about during the day. Avery seems to be having a good time. Mommy took him to the toy store today and found some new toys (I was told there was a shortage of cars to play with). Later this evening we stopped by Mallards Ice Cream for a medicinal cone. Avery isn’t a big ice cream fan (yet), but tonight towards the end of my cone he reached out for it. Being the obliging parent, I handed it over and he proceeded to take a few bites. He might like ice cream yet!

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