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Kieron Turns 7!

Sweet Kieron turned “lucky seven” this Cinco de Mayo. He’s matured a lot this year and is such a smart, fun, sensitive little kid. He loves to play outdoors, read, cook, do science projects, and tell jokes. He’s doing Cub Scouts and karate this year, but is considering trading one in for parkour or swimming. Kieron is strong and brave, practical, and a bit sneaky. Sometimes his brothers get on his nerves, but so far his little sister has his heart! He wants to be a forest ranger or a chef when he grows up.

We celebrated his birthday a week early with a pool party

Jackson, Isaac, Elijah, Kieron, Louis, Liam, Avery, & Silas

Birthday morning breakfast order: waffles!

Looking dapper in his new glasses

Silas got Kieron a Nexo Knight

Avery got him a cool nerf gun

And Mom and Dad got him his own Kindle Paperwhite

Apparently Jonathan isn’t the only one who likes Baskin-Robbins ice cream cake. Now Kieron and Avery ask for it too!

Heading out to the local Nerf War that evening

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Easter 2017

We had a fun Easter this year with our little bunnies. Don’t they look cute all dressed up together?!

Layla in her Easter dress

The Easter baskets

The day before we participated in our neighborhood Easter egg hunt. Avery was in the older kids group.

Meanwhile, Kieron & Silas were good partners in their age group.

Layla loves Brooklyn

Look who found a golden egg!

Avery and Hayden – besties!

Silas thought it was a good idea to unwrap his chocolate eggs!

Later, back at home.

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Here’s what we were up to the rest of March:

Look who learned to crawl! Look out boys!

Trying to pull up on her music table. By the end of the month she had it down.

Legos with Grammy

And a little fitness

Bath time

“Look what I can do!” (this was the first time she pulled up in the sink)

Chemistry with Hayden

New “anchorman” specs for Kieron

Silas the artiste

Kieron is such a sport and takes a lot of abuse from his little sis

Testing for his blue belt

My dinner company

“I sit up in my crib now.”

Silas loves to return the library books for me.

Happy St. Patty’s Day! I realized there isn’t a lot of green in Layla’s wardrobe, but she managed not to get pinched.

Silas started hip hop classes

Layla, sporting a cute outfit from Auntie Ash & Uncle Mark

Hanging new, more bigly, Tibetan prayer flags

Solar panels hard at work

A cute pic of daddy and his little girl

Getting into trouble in the kitchen

Kieron at his belt ceremony

And now in his blue belt


The boys took me for a tour of their latest tree fort modifications

We went to Fisher Creek Bike Park for the first time. Can’t believe we hadn’t taken the boys here before! They loved it!


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Silas Turns Five

It seems like he was just born, but Silas turned five at the beginning of the month. He is such a little ray of sunshine — so cheerful, smiley and expressive — this boy really wears his heart on his sleeve.  Of course he loves anything his big brothers are into, but he really enjoys art, dancing, gymnastics, animals, babies, and TALKING. These qualities make him a notorious ladies man, but he doesn’t let it go to his head (or even seem to notice). I had this to say about him on his birthday:

Five. Our baby boy turns five today. It is so fun watching our sweet, precocious, positive, sunny Si grow up. Today feels a little bittersweet though. Between our three boys I’ve spent the past decade learning about construction vehicles (who knew there were so many), emergency services, trains, superheroes, bugs and dinosaurs. I habitually alert the boys when we see a vehicle of interest while we’re in the car, or if we see policemen, firefighters, or military personnel in uniform. I’ve accumulated hours watching construction zones and waving at garbage men with little boys or chasing them on their bikes with a stroller. Sometimes I get bored to tears reading Tonka books to no end. Now my last little boy is getting older. He will start kindergarten in the fall, learn to read, and soon trade in these sweet little boy things for video games, Pokemon cards, and sports. I look forward to every stage, but can’t help feeling a little sentimental too! We love you Silas Tristan and you’ll always be our baby boy!


Silas received Wii Minigolf from his brothers

He invited a few of his nearest and dearest to his party at Kidz Bounce

They didn’t have fun at all

Clare & Layla

The gang

Silas requested angel food cake with berries and “whoop cream”

It took him a while to blow the candles out and the big “5” fell off the cake and onto the platter while he kept blowing the others out. Jonathan and I briefly panicked, but all was okay.

With his gal Charlotte

With Xander

With Charlotte

With Bode & Deacon

With Louis & Emmett

With Ethan

With Caden

The three amigos

Last night as a four-year-old!

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February 2017

Here’s what we were up to the rest of February. Auntie Ashleigh came for a visit at the beginning of the month. The kids loved seeing her!

Kieron and his buddy Louis

In the tree fort at Swenson Park

A little pre-bedtime madness for Daddy

Avery loves his lil sis

One day Layla was screaming during her nap. I came in and found her like this. Poor thing, but it was kind of cute!

The King and the Maresca boys out for a bike ride. And look! Blue sky!

Kieron at his basketball game

High-fiving his coaches after a fun season

A quiet moment before dinner. It’s like this at our house all the time 😉

Science with Kieron

Silas tried karate with Kieron in February. He was excited to participate with his big brother, but after a month he decided it wasn’t for him just yet.

Kieron has some powerful kicks and punches!

Avery likes to help feed Layla

She likes it too!

“Mmmm, this hat tastes good!”

Silas’ last night as a four-year-old

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