Layla – 10 Months Old

Oh boy, it’s May. Time to catch up on blogging again! I was so good there for a while. Here are a few of my favorite pics I snapped when Layla turned 10 months old. She is getting around more and more these days. She uses a crawling/cruising combo to get anywhere. She’s working on some more teeth and battled an ear infection recently. She still has an amazing appetite and has yet to meet a food she won’t eat.

We are lucky. She is a cheerful little girl and full of smiles!

This fish toy was mine when I was a baby.

In her rocking chair

She’s not so sure about it right now, but I’m sure she will love it soon!

Just hanging out by the fireplace

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Here’s what we were up to the rest of March:

Look who learned to crawl! Look out boys!

Trying to pull up on her music table. By the end of the month she had it down.

Legos with Grammy

And a little fitness

Bath time

“Look what I can do!” (this was the first time she pulled up in the sink)

Chemistry with Hayden

New “anchorman” specs for Kieron

Silas the artiste

Kieron is such a sport and takes a lot of abuse from his little sis

Testing for his blue belt

My dinner company

“I sit up in my crib now.”

Silas loves to return the library books for me.

Happy St. Patty’s Day! I realized there isn’t a lot of green in Layla’s wardrobe, but she managed not to get pinched.

Silas started hip hop classes

Layla, sporting a cute outfit from Auntie Ash & Uncle Mark

Hanging new, more bigly, Tibetan prayer flags

Solar panels hard at work

A cute pic of daddy and his little girl

Getting into trouble in the kitchen

Kieron at his belt ceremony

And now in his blue belt


The boys took me for a tour of their latest tree fort modifications

We went to Fisher Creek Bike Park for the first time. Can’t believe we hadn’t taken the boys here before! They loved it!


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Sleepover Madness

For Avery’s tenth birthday we decided to test new waters and host a group sleepover (we’ve only ever had cousins or one friend over before). Avery invited half a dozen of his favorite people for pizza & cupcakes and to watch Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Arc.

When I was Avery’s age I recall staying up until 4:00 a.m. with my girlfriends. And there was another occasion when I woke up my hosts’ parents at midnight because the girls decided to play “Bloody Mary” and I was convinced bloodshed would ensue (I’m sure the parents loved me after that). I figured either Avery’s sleepover would go without incident or I would receive my just payback. I’m happy to report the night went better than I imagined! By 10:30 p.m. the boys were zonked, and they slept a full eight hours before casually rolling out of their sleeping bags. In the morning they played Indiana Jones on the Wii, which Avery had received as a gift. What a sweet group of boys!

Michael, Seldon, Avery, Sebastian, Hayden & Logan

They love each other!

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Avery – 10 Years Old!

Birthday season at the King household is in full swing right now. Avery celebrated a big milestone, turning double digits last week, and he is the coolest ten-year-old I know. It’s been a big year for him, becoming the oldest of four children, getting a little sister, and earning new privileges and responsibilities. He’s thriving and is such a fun kid – sweet, smart, sensitive, and always has his nose in a book. He enjoys basketball, cub scouts and parkour, tolerates piano lessons, hates craneflies, and wants to be either a sailor, engineer or programmer when he grows up. We love you Avery Liam!

With his big birthday gift, an electronic keyboard. We like the headphones, he likes the sound effects!

Grammy and Papa stopped by in the afternoon to celebrate

A fake $100 bill!

Layla on the move

Just like his father he likes Baskin Robbins ice cream cake

Last night as a nine-year-old

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Layla – 9 Months Old

Layla turned nine months old this week. She crawls now and tries to pull up. She loves to talk, clap, wave, give hugs, dance to music, and be the center of attention! And did I mention this girl likes to eat? She’s pretty much over baby food (who has time for that?) and wants whatever we’re eating. She loves fish, chicken, eggs, cheese, yogurt, beans, rice, tiny fruit  & veggies, chocolate mousse and Girl Scout cookies (a benefit of being the fourth born is that your parents relax a lot).


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