Home with Silas

After two days in the hospital, we headed home with Silas. Grammy and Papa had flown out a few days before the big day and were at the house with the boys. Coming home from the hospital with a new baby always feels like emerging from a time warp. Outside of the hospital things are still the same, but over the span of two days, our life completely changes.

It was great to get home and settle in with our new family. And it was wonderful having Grammy and Papa there to help us make the transition smoother. Here are some pics from the first couple weeks at home:

Daddy & Silas just before we left the hospital

Four days old

Tiny baby feet

A photo of Silas in front of a photo of Kieron in front of a photo of Avery

Avery is absolutely in love with his littlest bro

Kieron comes in for a hug

Avery posing with his Lego creation

Six days old

After a few days, Kieron finally decided he wanted to hold the baby – he looks so proud!

Giving Silas a hug

Eight days old

Kieron loves to help out with dinner

Grammy and Uncle Scott

Avery wearing the Batman mask he created himself

We had an early birthday celebration for Avery with Grammy, Papa & Uncle Scott while they were in town

We remembered to get a family photo!

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