Grandpa Peck

My Grandpa passed away last month. He was 89, and the last grandparent I had left. I’m fortunate to have been close to him throughout my life and have many happy memories. He and my grandma used to watch me after school when I was a kid. I spent many sunny days swinging on the rope swing he hung from the big tree in their backyard. The best tomatoes and green beans came from their vegetable garden. And we played endless rounds of pinochle together. I will miss our weekly phone conversations about sports, the weather, and the latest happenings. He was a really great guy and I’m so glad to have had his influence in my life. Here are a few pictures from my albums:

At Scott & Manivanh’s wedding, 1999

During a summer visit in 2001

In his garden

Grandma & Grandpa in their backyard

Christmas 1980

Christmas 1990

Grandpa & Grandma

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