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I’ve been waiting a year to write this post. About this time last year, we started a big home project: painting our kitchen cabinets. Well technically, I started it. After bringing up the subject to Jonathan a few times and getting nowhere, I decided to get the ball rolling on my own. So one weekend when he took Avery and Kieron camping, I put the first coat of paint on the butler’s pantry. He couldn’t deny, it looked good. But he had opinions, and they were good ones. We should spray the kitchen cabinet doors. But by the time we got to the kitchen, the weather turned, and it was rainy and cold, difficult weather to paint in. So basically our kitchen spent the next nine months in various states of progress, and we finally finished at the end of June! It may have taken us a long time, but now that it’s over, I can say it was well worth it! I love our bright, cheerful new kitchen! The change made a world of difference, and I actually feel a little inspired to cook now! I am so thankful to Jonathan for helping me with this giant of a project!

We also made a few other improvements to the house during our first year as inhabitants. We painted living room, the boys bathroom, the art nook by the kitchen, and the front door. We added a fence, put in pavers to extend our patio, and installed a raised garden on the side yard. And of course,  I’ve got a few more projects up my sleeve for the upcoming year. 😉





What started it all:

This is more or less what our kitchen looked like this past year. On the up side, it’s very convenient living without cabinet doors. Everything is easy to find and very accessible.





The fence

Our garden
IMG_9957 IMG_9960

2014-05-29 14.06.47

Trading out bark for gravel

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