We returned from Hawaii on December 11th this year. This left exactly two weeks to get ready for Christmas. Here is (a little bit) of what we were up to during that busy time.

Cookie baking. LOTS of cookie baking. With 5 kids in the house over the holidays, we needed a lot of cookies on hand. The boys are becoming good little helpers.

IMG_5386 IMG_5390 IMG_5400 IMG_5401 IMG_5403

We watched a lot of Christmas specials. Here’s Kieron watching “Home Alone” for the first time. I was so excited to share this movie with the boys, and they all loved it. They were in stitches! They still love to throw around the quote “Keep the change, you filthy animal!”

IMG_5406 IMG_5409 IMG_5411

Eating carrots “Rudolph style”.

Waiting for one of the gifts from their advent calendar.

Grammy & Papa watched the boys for a night so we could spend a night in Seattle.

Selfie at the Sorrento Hotel

More cookie baking with Grammy

Avery practicing Christmas songs on the piano. I believe Kieron was singing along here. Avery liked the accompaniment, but it distracted him from playing, hence the headphones.

Decorating the nursery! These old pointe shoes are coming in handy as decorations.

Grammy & Papa took Silas to Build-a-Bear to choose his Christmas present. He named his pooch “Marshall” and got him Olaf (from Frozen)  PJ’s.

Picking out Marshall’s heart

And putting it in before he got all sewn up

Then it was time to give Marshall a bath

And ring the bell certifying that he was born!

We got some snow the week before Christmas. Just enough to have some fun!

We took Kieron to get his vision tested, and it turns out the poor kid could barely see! Here he is getting fitted for the frames he selected. He put on his new glasses for the first time in January, and the look on his face was priceless!


We decorated a gingerbread house.

And sent letters to Santa. I forgot to snap a photo of Avery’s before it went in the mailbox, but here is Kieron’s.

Opening an early gift from Auntie Ashleigh and Mark

The day before Christmas Eve the boys all had dentist appointments. I made sure to schedule next year’s for after Christmas.

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