Mr. & Mrs. Halverstadt

Jonathan and I flew to San Francisco in mid-April for Ashleigh and Mark’s wedding. They made it official in an intimate ceremony at City Hall. Afterwards, we enjoyed a delicious dinner and headed to Sonoma for a weekend full of eating and drinking. We had a great time and enjoyed getting to know Ashleigh and Mark’s college and PCT friends.

Here are a few pictures we took while we were there. Since we were enjoying the day, and they hired a photographer, we realized we didn’t actually get ANY pictures of the two of them on their wedding day.

Congratulations Ashleigh and Mark. We wish you much happiness in the years ahead!


Auntie Ish flew out from New Zealand for the special occasion


En route to City Hall

Ashleigh, Natalie, Jenny & Ish
IMG_5599 IMG_5606 IMG_5608IMG_5610 IMG_5612 IMG_5614 IMG_5621 IMG_5632 IMG_5638 IMG_5651

Wedding reception/dinner at Boulevard Restaurant
IMG_7379 IMG_7388

Wine tasting in Sonoma

Mark outdid himself and prepared the majority of the meals while we were in Sonoma.
IMG_5730 IMG_5743

On our last day there, we drove to Palo Alto to see the neighborhood Jonathan lived in as a child. Here he is in front of his old house. It has been pretty much completely redone since he lived there though, so the garage is on the other side, and it looks much different.

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