Silas is Four!

Birthday season in our house kicked off with Silas’ 4th on March 1st. What can I say about our littlest prince? He is so incredibly sweet! He is a cheerful, agreeable, lovable, optimistic little boy. He is loud, boisterous, flirtatious, and confident. He loves doing puzzles, mazes, practicing writing, building legos, playing with cars, and making people laugh. He never meets a stranger, isn’t afraid to ask questions, and likes trying new things.

A few cute things Silas does these days: 1. He likes to sing. His favorite song to belt out is “Stitches”, by Shawn Mendes, specifically the chorus, “I’m without your kisses. I’ll be needing stitches.” He loves the reaction this gets, and he sings it all the time, which means the song is usually stuck in my head. 2. He says “what?” after almost everything we say. When Grammy was visiting she noted that we were constantly repeating ourselves. Since then we’ve been working on this with him, but he had us pretty well trained. Kieron and Avery are so cute, they’ll just kind of shake their heads and roll their eyes when he does this, as if to say, “there he goes again.” 3. Silas gestures with his hands a lot. For instance, he’ll put his finger up in the air and say “wait, I have an idea…” then he’ll move his hand to his chin and explain, “why don’t we…” 4. He loves saying hi to animals. When we’re out on walks, and we approach a person with a dog, he’ll yell out, “can I please pet your dog!?” 5. He likes rearranging furniture. I know he learned this from me. We get into a bit of trouble together. But he actually has a good eye for it. 🙂 6. He is super excited to be a big brother. He talks about Layla a lot and tells nearly everyone we see that he is going to have a baby sister. He asks all sorts of questions, and wants to know how to operate all the baby equipment. He’s excited to sing to her and help care for her.

Potential careers we envision for him at this point: Interior decorator, vet, perhaps doctor. He is not squeamish, and likes to watch us get shots and have our blood drawn. He’s even asked to be present for his sister’s delivery!

Speaking of doctors, at his recent checkup, Silas came in 50% for height and 47% for weight, so he is right there in the middle. Happy birthday little guy. We love you!

DSC_3171 DSC_3173

Birthday morning!






For dinner we went to Zeek’s Pizza, per Silas’ request. Then we came home for cupcakes.
DSC_3179 DSC_3181  DSC_3185

We celebrated Silas’ birthday at Kidz Bounce the Friday following his birthday.
IMG_8877DSC_3189 DSC_3190 DSC_3194

With Bode

With Charlotte
2016-03-04 15.46.14

After the kids were worn out from bouncing, we came back to the house for birthday festivities.



Silas and Charlotte



Time for cake!
DSC_3211 DSC_3217


At the doctor’s office

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