Back to School!

September is time for back to school, and this year it was extra exciting because we just got a brand-spanking-new elementary school two blocks away! We’ve been walking and riding by all year, and especially often during the summer, watching the construction process. As the days until school dwindled, we became increasingly concerned it might not open on time. In the end, meet your teacher day was postponed until the first day of school, but it did indeed start in the knick of time. Here are Avery and Kieron on their first days of 4th and 1st grade.
img_0968 img_0970

Before heading out on our first walk to school. They’ve been commuting an hour round trip for the past four years, so we were just a little bit excited that we can walk now!

In front of Timber Ridge Elementary

All smiles on his first day of first grade!

With Ms. Tatum

No more tables for this kid! Here he is at his very own desk!

Showing off to Hayden & Avery. I’m not sure how he’ll concentrate in class. He has the best view he could ask for, he’s right in front of a big window facing a high dirt pile that is still being moved by the construction crew outside!

Sweet boy still wanted a kiss when it was time for us to go

Later I peeked in on him and found this:

And here’s our big fourth grader

Avery thought he was too cool to take a picture in front of this sign until I asked Hayden if he wanted his taken and he excitedly exclaimed “yeah!” Gotta love it when peer pressure works in your favor!

With Ms. Henley

Buddies are so happy to have the same teacher again this year!

In their new state-of-the-art classroom

The ribbon cutting ceremony!img_1031 img_1037

Two weeks later it was Silas’ turn. He’s a big pre-k-er now. It’s hard to believe next year he’ll join his brothers at Timber Ridge.
dsc02099img_1163 img_1165

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