Sleepover Madness

For Avery’s tenth birthday we decided to test new waters and host a group sleepover (we’ve only ever had cousins or one friend over before). Avery invited half a dozen of his favorite people for pizza & cupcakes and to watch Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Arc.

When I was Avery’s age I recall staying up until 4:00 a.m. with my girlfriends. And there was another occasion when I woke up my hosts’ parents at midnight because the girls decided to play “Bloody Mary” and I was convinced bloodshed would ensue (I’m sure the parents loved me after that). I figured either Avery’s sleepover would go without incident or I would receive my just payback. I’m happy to report the night went better than I imagined! By 10:30 p.m. the boys were zonked, and they slept a full eight hours before casually rolling out of their sleeping bags. In the morning they played Indiana Jones on the Wii, which Avery had received as a gift. What a sweet group of boys!

Michael, Seldon, Avery, Sebastian, Hayden & Logan

They love each other!

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