At the end of May we flew to Newport Beach to visit my uncles and take the kids to Disney Land. It’s a trip we’d been meaning to take for ten years, but we just kept putting it off. Either Avery was too young, or we were expecting, or we had a newborn. Now, four kids later, it was finally time. We had an absolute blast, and I’m just sorry we didn’t make the trip sooner!

My Uncle Brad (and new Aunt Julie!) graciously offered to host us. I snapped this photo of my entourage after we arrived in California and collected our bags.

Layla snoozing on the plane. I wish I could do this!

Happy baby after a nap!

Off the plane, almost there!

These Dutch doors are one of my main memories of visiting Uncle Brad’s when I was a little kid. I always thought they were SO cool, still do!

The kiddos on the porch

Shopping at Target before our first beach outing (notice the photo bomber in the background).

Getting ready for dinner with Uncle Brian

The big boys reading during some quiet time

Sleeping baby pic

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