This Halloween we had a chef, an explorer, a Lego nexo knight, and a kitten. Here’s us before heading out trick-or-treating:

The Saturday before Halloween we had a party at our neighbor’s house. Here is Silas with Byron (a Halo guy). That’s Jonathan in the background in his lederhosen.

Our kitten was the most cooperative for photos

Outside the neighbor’s house

Some of the food:

One of Mary’s guardians


The next Alton Brown

Layla playing peekaboo with Atticus

This is Finnegan as The Wardrobe (The Lion and The Witch were also present).

There they all are

Before leaving for the school Halloween party on Friday

The cake walk

Okay kids, time to go trick-or-treating, but first, say “cheese”!

One nice house had treats (jello shots) for the adults too

We went trick-or-treating at a nearby neighborhood, Eagle Ridge, which is a big loop. Layla stayed in her stroller until the last stretch, where we let her out to join in. She caught on quick!

Checking out their loot at home

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