Here’s the rest of what we were up to in the big lead up to Halloween.

Our family was featured in the January issue of Lake Views, our local magazine. Here are some of our favorite pics they used:

There was lots of soccer!


FaceTiming with Daddy while he was traveling for work


Pretty sunset from our house

This is from the top of one of the trails near us

We went to our friend & neighbor, Mary’s, art show. People from the community could write good thoughts and wishes on the wooden boards.

It was near Mallard, so we had to stop there.

On a walk at the North Lake Whatcom Trail

Another day on the trail

The fog rolling in from across the lake

STEM night at Boundary Bay Brewery

Just a little piano practice

On a walk one by our house afternoon

I chaperoned Avery’s field trip at the Mount Baker Theatre. We saw Arc Attack. They were on America’s Got Talent, and had a very loud and interesting show featuring singing tesla coils. This is Avery with his buddy, Hudson.

Layla likes to kiss the dogs in her book

A visit with Grammy

Avery and Kieron volunteered to help out with a ski patrol class where the students learned about caring for pediatric patients.

They were very good models

We see A LOT of deer on North Shore, but on this day I interrupted a mother nursing her young. When she noticed me, she literally jumped over her babies to get away. They were a little slower to respond.

Layla loves getting into my bathing suits while I get ready in the morning.

Getting some snuggles

This is how they serve the water at Chuckanut Brewery.

October 30th and on my SUP!

I paddled by my neighbors, and she said, “hey! Wait! I’ll join you!” And off we went. This is Ianthe.

Our living room was being painted, so all the furniture was moved to the center of the room. This is what happened when I left Layla for a minute!

At a park

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