May in Quarantine

I have so many pictures from May! Here’s what we were up to during another month in quarantine.

Playing in the back yard with Phoebe

Box forts

The boys love Dungeons and Dragons

Brushin’ her hair

Nana made a mask for her dolly, Sally

Swim team is about to begin for these three (once we move to phase 2)

Layla helped Avery with a science experiment for school.

Kieron’s caramel and apples

We ran 2.23 miles for Ahmaud Arbery

Found a snake along the way

Timber Ridge Elementary had a parade where all the staff and teachers drove by their students homes. It was SO sweet!

Silas’ teacher, Mrs. Kilian

Little Suki

Dog walkers

Layla is so much help setting the table

These two are becoming friends!

Playing Mother, May I? In the back yard.

Helping Avery with another science experiment

We did an experiment of our own with water, vegetable oil, food coloring, and alka selzter

Checking out something interesting together

23&Me kits for the boys

Getting puppy snuggles

A drop arrived from Hayden – an invite to his Fortnite birthday party

Full of party snacks!

They played Fortnite for a while, then did a scavenger hunt over Zoom. Meanwhile look who was getting into the party drop!

Cake time!

Layla loves her Elsa braids.


Trying out filters with Caroline

We went to Issaquah for pizza one day

Never eaten in the parking garage before

Eye doctor visits

This girl cheats at Memory!

Pantry home improvement project completed

Outside Home Depot

Thanks to me taking a grass plant from a friend, when Jonathan went to dig a hole for it we discovered a buried drain in our back yard! This should solve our standing water problem.

Homemade sour dough

Practicing parkour rolls

Horse riding with Flash

At the car wash, baby

We took the kids for a big outing in Seattle. Picked up Dick’s to-go and picnicked in the Woodland Park Zoo parking lot along with a few other families who had the same idea. Saw zero exotic animals. Did see a few squirrels though.

Frenchies love French fries!

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