Layla Turns Four

Our little princess turned four this month! Honestly, she has grown up so much this past year it almost felt like her birthday was overdue! The Covid situation had mellowed a bit at this point, so we felt comfortable inviting three of her closest friends over for a backyard party. Per Layla’s request the theme was a Frozen/Unicorns hybrid.

Layla is such a sensitive, spunky, strong and fearless little thing. I love it! She is a girly-girl, who can hang with the big boys. Anything they can do, she can do too. She has a positive attitude and a generous spirit. Layla loves dancing, swimming, hiking, biking, baking, playing dolls and building Legos. She doesn’t like spiders or witches. She says when she grows up she wants to be a mom. She is such a sweetie and is a natural at keeping her big brothers (and the pets) in line and melting our hearts. We love you, Layla Blythe!

A baby Phoebe!

Party ready!

Getting ready for the party!

Freeze dance with Maggie, Savannah & Clare

Time for the unicorn sprinkler!

With Maggie, Clare & Savannah

The unicorn malfunctioned pretty quickly

Time for cupcakes! (Whole cakes are a thing of the past now.)


The sun went behind the clouds but that didn’t dampen the mood

The girls danced in the rain until the sun came out again

And then we got the sprinkler out!

This is why Phoebe begs!

Last night as a three-year-old

Sporting a “Jojo bow”

Building her Legos with Silas

At her well child check – the last one with vaccines until she’s eleven. Whoo hoo!

Eye exam

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