Seniors of 2020 Parade

We’re all suffering our own losses during this pandemic, but one group I really feel for are the teenagers and people in their early 20’s – but especially the high school seniors. There are so many rites of passage, from prom to senior parties, to graduation to college visits. Our community came together and put on a parade for the Mount Si seniors and I thought it was WAY more fun than a graduation ceremony! Residents came out and lined the parkway to support our seniors. Avery and Layla joined me and the Lotts  to cheer them on. This experience also helped get Avery excited about high school, which is only a little over a year away!

Coolest ride!

Whoever these parents are, they went a TAD overboard. I also think it was tacky to include their seniors name on the banner. Class of 2020 would  have been sufficient!

I got totally verklempt when Caroline’s daughter, Ashlyn, drove by and saw us.

“Yay, Wildcats!”

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